Where Does Your Road Lead? (part II)

Okay, I’m back! Veered off MY Road for a few, as described in previous post of Where does your road lead. Been taking some side roads, detours and even got on a main thorouhgfare for a few. That’s important to do sometimes to gain perspective or seek out new ways. But, it can also lead to dead-ends and abandonded paths.

Below, in italics, I’ve copied the original exercise for this post from Liz Strauss’ Successful Blog. One thing that very much surprised me in the responses to her post was that most people, when confronted with the wall at the end chose to veer off the road, stop or even turn around and go back. I’m guessing it shows that some either a) don’t read with comprehension or b) aren’t used to taking ownership of their own direction in life.

  • You’re walking on a road. It’s your road. Tell me about it.
  • As you walk, you pass a body of water, describe it.
  • Directly in your path is an empty bottle. What’s your response to it?
  • You continue until you find yourself facing a wall that crosses your road perpendicularly. What do you do?

That’s why I emphasized, My Road! Someone is clearly stating it’s my road to travel and do with what I may. There are many limitatiions placed on all of us in life. It’s surprising to me that many, even in a psychological exercise, so often expect and accept those restrictions. When I travel on others’ roads (be they real or virtual) I must adhere to those restrictions; but on my road I am free!

Another lesson I gained from doing this exercise is realizing that any road requires maintenance and attention to new developments that  arise. That might also require hiring a crew, and posting regulations. Like now, in Northern New England we’re going into what looks to be one heck of a mud season. Larger vehicles will be restricted and/or fined from traveling certain roads. Garages and auto body shops will see a surge in activity as people traveling on roads rife with frost heaves and potholes unintentionally damage their vehicles.

I see it the same for any of us as we travel our own metaphoric roads in life. Sometimes the way is smooth and easy; sometimes rough and impassable. There will always be detours and distractions. There are as many kinds of roads as there are people and places. Some may finish one road to their satisfaction, and branch off into a new direction. Others might turn their one road into a major highway with multiple lanes, exits and entrances. 

My road, especially through the blogosphere is still new and exciting; but fairly free from restriction. I don’t want to deal with traffic lights or busy intersections, and I know I will take a side road or a trail through the woods sometimes. But, I’ll always find my way back to My Road. Hope all of you are having fun constructing your own roads and taking occasional side trips on mine!


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