I’ll share my experiences, insights and reflections with an objectivity gained from my professional development and a subjectivity biased by my personal lessons. You may not find the final word on Leadership here, but I promise you’ll always find an honest and educated perspective mixed with an occasional dose of heartfelt sentiment.

Geographically, I live in New England. Electronically, I live here, there and everywhere as I join in the world of social networking and instant accessibility. I am a perpetual learner who delights in both cerebral and experiential exploration of knowledge.

More formally:
Francie is a creative thinker with a background in business, marketing and human resources management. Her career spans more than twenty years of learning and leading in construction, hospitality, renewable energy and academic arenas.  She is also a writer with feature articles, business profiles, instructional material and advertising copy among her credits.

She has taught Managerial Communication and Organizational Behavior at the graduate level. She holds a BS in Business and Psychology and an MBA in Organizational Leadership.


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  1. Lisa Gates on

    I was going to leave you a post to say, “You should be writing for the mainstream business press!” Then I found the information here on this page, and ta daa, you do. So I’ll take it one step further: you should be syndicated. Today.


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