The Dragonfly Leader

What can we learn from a dragonfly (aka darningneedle, mosquito hawk) ? One thing is that it takes a loooo…ng time for the larva to mature into that delicate iridescent beauty it becomes as an adult. Some stay in the larval state for up to four years. Then, after instinctively knowing when the time is right to emerge, it’s all but over. The adult dragonfly flies free for just a few months.

Dragonflies have some pretty  sophisticated engineering in their flight patterns. They can hover, accelerate quickly, fly in tandem or even go in reverse. They do this while effectively completing their mission in life of eating mosquitoes, flies and other insects.

A few leadership parallels:
Like the dragonfly nymph, leaders must pay their dues, but know when the time is right to step-up. Patience, Preparation and Commitment

Like the mature dragonfly, an effective leader can change course, shift gears, and not hover for too long. Action, Quick-thinking and Direction 

Like the dying dragonfly, a leader knows when the mission is accomplished and quietly moves on. Goals, Success and Humility

Another take on this is one of transformation. The dragonfly is a symbol of many different things in art and culture  – light,  adaption, and achieving balance.  All good leadership traits.

 Can you think of some other Dragonfly Leader traits?


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