If Content is King, Trump is an Ace

You might notice my last post was several years ago, especially since I’m pointing it out. I debated letting this blog continue to languish in the blogshpere, and starting a fresh new one. But, looking back at some of the posts, I realized they’re still relevant. And that’s a sign of good content. Topics that stand the test of time are good foundations for learning and continued audience engagement.

This one from 2006 She’s a Leader? He’s a Leader? featured Donald Trump, and his questionable behavior in his feud with an equally brazen Rosie O’Donnell. I believe my recommendation was he (and Rosie) attend charm school. Who knew his somewhat insensitive demeanor would now be prime media fodder as a leading contender in Republican presidential campaign? It remains to be seen if Trump is a distraction – a clueless buffoon. Or an uncensored voice reflecting a certain segment of American society.

Good chance there will be more opportunity for discussion on this. In fact there’s a lot of chatter going on right now following the first Republican debate. Trump garnered perhaps more than his share of attention and the reactions vary from CNN’s headline, No one eclipses Donald Trump at GOP debate to the Federalist’s list, 10 Worst Donald Trump Moments from The 1st GOP Debate.

Is Donald Trump’s leadership style adaptable? Can an undiplomatic, not politically correct individual serve effectively as head of United States Government? Does he have enough business sense beyond following trends and knowing how to work the system to help build the economy and balance a federal budget? Seems right now that doesn’t matter. According to a WSJ article published the day after the debate, And, love him or hate him, people on Friday were still talking about him. Google Trends listed Mr. Trump as the most-searched candidate after the GOP debate.

Whatever one thinks of Donald Trump’s leadership style, it’s clear he is relevant. I’m certainly not endorsing him, but neither will I disregard him. He may be an ace for social media content, but I think more of a wild card for the 2016 Presidential campaign.


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