What’s Your Brand?

Most of us know exactly what our favorite brand is when it comes to Pepsi or Coke (Pepsi for me, but gave it up a few years ago). If asked what brand sneakers, jeans, electronics, cars etc. they prefer most people can rattle off any number of well-known brands and even defend their preferences. 

These brand recognitions and loyalties don’t just happen. They are built on a series of experiences we have with a product or an organization.  A logo does not make a brand. The mission statement is not the brand. A new product or new personnel should not change the brand. This quote from a Fast Company on-line article describes in part what makes a brand, “… the sum of what an organization, person, or product does. How you behave, communicate, and respond to the unexpected are part of your brand. ” 

But, when it comes to naming and, perhaps going a step further to define or defend one’s own brand many of us are at a loss. Some may wonder if and why they would even need a personal brand. Brand YouWe all have a brand, like it or not.  If you’re interested, at all in learning more about branding, and especially in more clearly defining or perfecting your own brand; I suggest you register for A Brand You World: Global Summit. It’s a free teleconference on Thursday, Nov. 8 featuring some of the best marketing experts and relationship builders around.
Brand You 

Jason Alba of Jibber Jobber fame is one of the speakers. Check out his post where he shares some valuable insight about the international panel of professionals with whom he will be rubbing phone lines or maybe I should say sharing wireless connections.  I’ve watched Jason build his brand over the course of the last year, and I’m impressed.  Looking forward to some good inspiration and gaining expertise in honing my own personal brand.


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  1. Jason Alba on

    Hey, thanks for sharing this. I’ve watched my brand roll out, too, and I think it’s fascinating that I didn’t really set out to roll my brand out, or even know what it was!

    But I’m passionate about it now, since I see what the results are, especially coming out of an unsuccessful job search! I look forward to having you join us!

    – jason

  2. lionel (acid42) on

    Used to read Fast Company voraciously. But anyway, I love that Fast Company quote: The sum of what a person does, and how one reacts to the unexpected.

    … Isn’t that also called “integrity?”

    Sounds like an interesting event. Will look into it.

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