When a leader does a good job, the team works – works in a way that gets the job done and in a way that moves everyone forward. What happens when a good team doesn’t have a good or well-prepared leader?

This article by Maureen Moriarity from, Apprentice 101: Teamwork can offset ineffective leadership illustrates two such cases. Both Project Managers of the two competing teams proved to pretty ineffective as leaders on this week’s mission. Despite this, one team rallied and directed themselves to victory in the SueBee Honey challenge.

They did it through teamwork, and perhaps because a few of them were leaders in their own right. So, they were able to be informal leaders who compensated for the project manager’s weakness and indecision. Unfortunately this happens too often in business settings. One would like to believe that the ineffectual leader would be found out soon enough. That may be the case in The Apprentice as soon as the next challenge. Is that a reflection of how it works in real life? Or can it take longer, all the while dragging the team down?

In the end, Teamwork always wins out. A smart leader pays attention and participates; if not it could mean their time is up! 


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