Freeze Tag

No, this doesn’t refer to a new version of one of those silly (sorry, no offense to all you prolific linkers out there) tag memes that pop up across the blogosphere. The subject comes to mind more because I live in the Northeast, which is suffering along with other parts of the country in a deep freeze. This is not all that unexpected this time of year, but compared to one of my recent posts Weather… or Not, it is a major change.

Most of us don’t welcome change, especially change that we didn’t initiate. But, when change comes, sooner or later, we need to do something to either accept or counter it. To deal with winds ranging up to 50 mph and temperatures ranging below zero, we can crank up the thermostat, put on another layer (or two) or increase our intake of hot cocoa, tea or coffee exponentially. Those would be choices of acceptance to the change. Staying inside or leaving town for a warmer climate at the first indication of freezing temps would be choices to counter the change.

Accept or Counter – both are good tools to employ with change. Many are eager for change, thinking it’s a good thing. Sometimes it is, sometimes not. We need to do an assessment before we decide which action to take when dealing with change in the elements. Likewise with personal, political or business changes.

There is a third action, or I should say inaction to take when confronted with change  – freeze, do nothing.Freeeze  Sometimes that is a good thing, more often not. Think of the childhood game of freeze tag.  When were you most likely to get tagged and then frozen in some uncomfortable or awkward position? While you were caught up in a frenzy, running in circles trying to keep from getting tagged, that’s when! That is not a good thing, and usually happens in its adult manifestation when we neglect to assess the change or strategize to accept or counter. While we’re whirring around in blissful ignorance or indecision, that’s when the deep freeze can strike.

There’s help for anyone who has either been tagged into inertia by the howling winds and dipping thermometer or metaphorically frozen on the playground of life’s choices and changes. Fresh thoughts, creative suggestions and  reconstructed advice are abundant if you want out of the freeze.
Here’s some fuel to keep your inner fires fueled up:

Phil Gerbyshak of Make it Great fame shares some positive actions in his 5 Ways to Change the World. Hugging came in at #6 – not sure if it was an after-thought or meant to be climactic, but it’s a guaranteed deicer.

Kent Blumberg reminds us of these 15 Essential Leadership Tools that are prerequisites for any strategic maneuvers  – be it freeze tag or a major organizational change.

Steven Aitchison at Change Your Thoughts challenges us to Change your life with a computer and a headset. He even offers to check in with you every day by email. This could be the one that will spur you to turn on the defroster.

Kammie at Passion Meets Purpose lends emotional support and prompts us with the question, “What sets your soul on fire?” 

Finally, Brendan O’Keefe has developed The Intention Engine which he shares with all who want to focus their dreams into actual reality. This will activate your mind, and calls for forward motion. No room for freeze tag there.

If you know of other sites to help us keep from freezing up, please add them. 
Stay warm!!


5 comments so far

  1. Kammie K. on


    What a great concept…it has been WAY too cold and I have actually been a little “frozen” inside as well. Thanks for the reminder to seek inspiration for thawing out purposes.

    Thanks for the mention and link-love.

    The Freeze is Over,

  2. Kent Blumberg on


    Great post. Excellent point that we sometimes need to assess a bit before running around in circles.

    Thanks for the link!


  3. francies on

    Kammie –
    Thanks for stopping by! ANyone who visits your Blog will not only be inspired, but warmed by the atmosphere you’ve set there.

    Kent –
    Thanks, and you’re welcome. I’m very happy to share your great leadership perpectives!

  4. Lisa Gates on

    I only just found you after Liz’ flurry of posts asking “are you a writer?”

    I think of yet another element when you say freeze tag. It’s an improv game in which the action on stage freezes, and the next one up has to invent something to come into the action with. The frozen actors anticipate the change about to come, and the actor bringing the new idea has now idea what will happen to the idea once she introduces it.

    Wouldn’t that be an ideal way to approach life, indeed business?

  5. francies on

    Very creative! I like that. It would form a whole new scenario – hopefully a good one.

    But, could also have the potential for creating chaos, depending on what the new player introduces, and the reactions it produces.

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