She’s In It To Win

Yes, folks I’m talking about Hillary! No matter what your political leanings are, I imagine that Hillary Clinton’s entrance into the presidential campaign for election to the 2008 term may have caught your attention.

It’s exciting to see a woman run for president. But, people on the street (well, the streets I frequent, anyway) and in the press are already disparaging Hillary – and not because she’s a woman. That’s a good thing. Not the disparaging necessarily, but the fact that people are looking past the gender issue and directly at the individual.

Hillary’s close association with a certain often revered, yet sometimes reviled former president is said to be one of her biggest liabilities. Add to that her carpetbagging entry into the Senate, her failure to take responsibility for past decisions… Well, can you see where it’s leading? On first glance Hillary doesn’t have a great portfolio going  for herself as far as many people can see.

But, let’s see if we can be unbiased here for a moment. (I know political discussions are rarely unbiased, and I’m taking a risk by even discussing it. But, that’s all right. It’s a good topic.)

1. Bill – I don’t think it’s fair to cast guilt by association on Hillary. And, he’s done a lot to clean up his image recently, especially by teaming up with George Bush Sr. and offering bi-partisan counsel to the world.

2. Carpetbagger – Hillary used good strategy in moving to New York, and whatever the motivating factor, she is doing a decent job in serving her constituents. They re-elected her.

3. Iraq Vote – Hillary pleads lack of information. She wouldn’t have voted for the war if she had known better. Hmm – not sure that one works for her. At least Pres. Bush is firm in his conviction, and stands by his decision, but there are many who wish he would back down and plead ignorance, too. So, I guess that one’s a wash.

Personally, I don’t know that I will vote for Hillary. But, I admire her courage. I’ll be watching her campaign with interest. Hillary Clinton is very smart and not afraid to take risks. Those are both admirable leadership qualities. She also seems to embrace the leadership philosophy of service.

I do have concerns, though about some other leadership traits I haven’t seen strongly displayed, as yet. The biggest one being that of authenticity. Is Hillary Clinton for real? Or is she somehow corrupt by her personal and political agendas? I am not sure. What do you think?

Yesterday, at a news conference, Hillary was given the perfect opportunity to lend some authenticity and substance to her campaign. To paraphrase, she was asked what in her background would give her experience in dealing with evil and bad men. (A valid and good question for any candidate for president) Hillary repeated the question, and then laughed. She never followed her attempt at humor with any definitive answer. That doesn’t work for me. Yes, I like a good show. I also believe leaders should have a sense of humor, but I expect some substance to support it. 


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