Feeling a Little Cranky?

Personally, I rarely feel cranky or would ever admit to it. That’s pretty much an old folks descriptor isn’t it? Well, it’s no secret that more and more of us are living longer and better, and will one day be a part of those old folks.

If you’re a baby boomer (born from 1946 – 1964) chances are you’re taking a part in redifining both of the terms “old folks” and “cranky”. Senior Citizens doesn’t seem to cut it for even the first line of baby boomers, who turned sixty last year. They are healthier, better educated, and harder to peg than any senior generation – ever.  

These soon to be sixty-one year olds are the ripple of a huge tide (almost 80 million) that will continue washing over the economy for some time.  Market leaders like Jeff Taylor, founder of Monster.com are paying close attention to these potential cranksters. He has developed Eons.com , a kind of combination My Space/iWon type social networking site for those age 50-plus. 

Last week, Taylor added a search engine feature titled, cRANKY.com , calling it. “the world’s first age-relevant search engine.” It ranks  Eons’ member searches and the rankings should be reflective of baby boomer trends, in general, making this a valuable marketing tool.

This quote from a CNNMoney.com article explains Taylor’s rationale for cRANKY:
Why the name Cranky? Because I get ‘cranky’ when I get lost in the search quagmire, too,” said Taylor, who is 46, in the statement. “I know it’s tongue-in-cheek, but you’ll never forget the name. And, when I discovered the word ‘rank’ nestled in the middle of ‘cranky’, I knew it was the right name.”

But, I wonder how valuable it will be to the broad-based demographic of baby boomers, who may be more inclined to look for more more inclusive results found at already popular search engines like Yahoo and Google. Do they want to be separated out from the rest of the population? Or is Jeff Taylor taking the lead in defining the path of Internet exploration for this still enigmatic generation?


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  1. Karin on

    Hi Francie

    According to the time-range I will be one of the later baby-boomer (1962), still young at heart now (and then, I’m sure)
    A group of baby-boomer women in the UK are also already on ‘course’ to target/market this growing group:

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