Weather… or Not

There’s a saying in New England about the weather, “Don’t like the weather? Wait a minute, it’ll change!” That has been the case for sure this season ranging from a few extremely warm days, some rain, very little snow and finally a typical January freeze of 15 – 20 degrees forecast for midweek. Other areas of the country have seen unpredictable weather this winter also, as described in this MSNBC article.

In New England, hardware stores have yet to deplete their supply of snow shovels and ice melt. Ski areas and their local symbiotic merchants are suffering. Some business groups are even talking about asking for federal relief due to the economic hardship caused by the winter’s poor performance. On the flip side, consumers dealing with lower heating and snow removal expenses than usual  have more money to spend on other things or in paying down debt – either of which will help strengthen the overall economy. There’s a  lesson here for some business and government leaders – past performance does not necessarily guarantee future performance.

All types of industries from agricultural to tourism depend on a certain range of anticipated weather conditions in order to prosper. They plan everything from their marketing strategies to capital budgets based on past climatic performance.  Only problem is, even with all the meteorological advances, there’s no accounting for Mother Nature!

Well, they can’t fire winter for its disappointing performance. Can’t demote it or offer it a buy-out. Like it or not, the weather (winter season especially) is a major partner in most endeavors. It’s the wild card that promises plenty, but can cost even more. Smart leaders learn to have some flexibility and contingency plans in place, since they know there’s no guarantee when it comes to the weather. In the meantime, winter is less than halfway over. Whether or not the economy in general will weather it remains to be seen 🙂


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