Cell PhoneI got a new cell phone for Christmas.  It’s plugged in and recharging, so it’ll be all ready for me to download or upload to my heart’s content. Would that it were so easy to recharge our human components.

A leader needs to stay on guard against losing their charge. Yes, that can be taken two ways – charge of internal energy and insights, or charge of externally staying the course and leading the troops. Whether you’re a single parent trying to keep up with work and family or a high level executive trying to keep a busines on track; being in the lead can be a strain.  

Burn-out is a serious concern for any leader. Even while taking preventive measures (like regular exercise, good nutrition, etc) there are times when our charges run low. Obviously, we’re a little more complex than the electronic gadgets most of us love to use. If you feel like you’re in need of some quick recharging, here are some simple suggestions:

Physical – Take a Walk
 (preferably away from your charges, be sure to return)
Emotional – Meditate or Talk to a Confidant
Mental – Read
(for relaxation or education – both work)

All of these are as simple (or maybe simpler) than a quick electronic plug-in, and at least as important. What are your favorite recharging methods – for the human component?


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  1. Karin on

    Hi Francie

    Re your mentioning of burn-out: that’s a concern for every one I’ll like to add, not just for leaders.
    I’ve experienced one roughly eight years ago and it is really not a pleasure.
    You’re complete lost, your character changes (not for the better) and your colleagues, family, relatives and friends don’t recognise you anymore and mostly don’t understand ‘what’s going on’ and in the beginning neither do you ;-(

    Your suggestions to re-charge, especially Emotional and Mental, were very important to me during that episode and helped me get back ‘on-line’/’in-charge’.
    I learned a lot during that time, came out stronger but wished that could have been established through another way – not by undergoing this burn-out.

  2. Karin on

    Morning Francie (09.26 am here)
    Can’t find an email address on here, so I will tell you this here:
    yesterday I read your comment on Kents’ blog about ‘myself’ and I couldn’t stop thinking about it all evening. Mulled it over and over again.
    What you put into words touched me deeply and made me realise that that is exactly (after being in ‘survival-mode’ for years) what I’ve been doing lately (but couldn’t figure out): growing – changing = needing to get reacquainted with myself.

    Thank you for making that ‘clear’ to me, I now know what’s going on 😉

  3. francies on

    Hi Karin
    Thanks for your personal confirmation on recharging. Sorry you had to experience a burn-out. From looking at your KISS Blog, it looks like you’re rekindled. 🙂

    And, for your second comment – your welcome! I love this virtual world. The exchanges often bring things to light that may have been simmering in our physical world.

    I’m fairly new to blogging, so I’m concentrating on building some solid content first. I’ll be dressing up with some of the bells and whistles for contacting and networking soon.

  4. Karin on

    Hi Francie

    I consider myself also fairlt new to blogging (am blogging for our company longer than blogging on thoughts, but first blogs are purely business, last – Kiss2 – is combination of fun, business and learning)
    Looking forward to all solid content and the bells and whistles here.

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