A Glimpse of What I learned in 2006

What did you learn  in 2006?  The Instigator wants to know.

Well, starting right here, I can say I learned I am behind the curve when it comes to blogging. There were already almost 60 million blogs out there when I joined the club this month. And, they say blogging will reach its peak in 2007. But, I still come across a lot of people in everyday life who aren’t even sure what a blog is. I think there’s plenty of room for growth. A new electronic acquaintance, Starbucker shares some good insight on the value of blogging. 

I learned that as much as I know from raising two sons, earning a masters degree, being a business leader and a voracious reader; there’s so much more that I don’t know. But, this is the age of instant communication. There’s updated information available and people at the ready to help me with just about any question 24/7 (in-person and/or on-line). I love it!

In an ongoing lesson, I learned that I need to stop for a little fun, just for the fun of it, once in a while. So, in its fifth season, I finally found out what all the hype was about and discovered American Idol. With only a slight blush, I admit that I took notice of one certain performer and became fully involved with that karaoke-type talent show that has captured the attention of millions. Yep, eighth place finalist, Bucky Covington all but enthralled me with his southern country rock and gentle manner. I even voted for him, and continue to follow his emerging career. Finalist Taylor Hicks and sweet Kellie Pickler are fun too. Who knew?!? 

I also learned the importance of networking in building relationships – no agenda, no expectations. Yes, it calls for some discretion, whether in real life activities or virtual forums.  I have to admit that my marketing background, at first, got in the way of networking  just for the sake of meeting and greeting, with no ulterior motive.  A good marketer has a plan, a strategy and certain goals in mind when they set out to make connections. Now the evolving world of social media (which I’m still learning) calls for much broader parameters – allowing for a certain randomness and personal inclination in building a network.  I like it!

That’s why I ‘m sharing this little bit with someone in Canada (and his whole network) that I would never have known about or dreamed of approaching in the past.


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  1. […] Francie Stirling learned that she’s behind the curve when it comes to blogging but catching up fast. And rightfully so, Francie questions why people say blogging will peak in 2007 when so many people she talks to don’t even get it yet. I don’t know when blogging will peak. Who cares? It’s fun. It works. […]

  2. SKI on

    good stuff.

    lets see a LOT more blogging! the world needs to hear your prospective on leadership.


  3. francies on

    Ski, Thanks for the visit and positive feedback! I don’t claim to be the final word on leadership, but it certainly is a subject that needs to be brought up for discussion.
    I’ll see what I can do to up my blogging – light this week with the holidays. And, I’m meeting lots of new electronic buddies – the Purple Curve sounds very interesting.

  4. Tammy on

    I have the opposite problem of you when it comes to networking. You say that your marketing background got in the way, made it hard to adjust to doing some networking without an agenda, without expectations.

    The latter comes easily to me…but I network this way to a fault. My lack of marketing background gets in MY way. I know I’ve too often been on the receiving end of people who came on with a hard sell, who wear their agendas like lapel pins. And I’ve gone to the opposite extreme, I think, in my effort to not be like them.

  5. Karin on

    Tammy, with all networking it works best when you stay yourself I found. I dont’t have a marketing background either (but am catching up very quickly running a business), network without agenda but with the expectation of meeting new people, new ideas, new business opportunities.
    And that ‘agenda’ seems to work fine for me.

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