She’s a Leader? He’s a Leader? Rosie vs. Donald

Oh my! There’s no question that Rosie O’Donnell and Donald Trump are accomplished leaders. I don’t think I have to list their endeavors, but suffice to say they each have given a lot of their time, drive and money in efforts that have benefited society. Both are known for being somewhat bold and maybe even brazen, which can be positive traits in leadership. But, now they have engaged in a public outburst of insults and innuendos about each other that greatly detracts from their leadership status.

Rosie seemed to think it necessary to “call out” The Donald when he forgave the current Miss USA her public indiscretions. To paraphrase, Rosie said who is Donald to think he is a moral compass. She also suggested that the fact that he inherited his initial wealth made his accomplishments less worthy. And, she likened him to a snake-oil salesman in Little House on The Prarie. Very strong stuff there, no matter what you think of Donald Trump!

 In turn, Donald said that Rosie is a loser, very unattractive and talks like a truck driver. He seemed to gloat over the fact that she had experienced failure with her magazine. And, he said if he were running The View , he’d fire Rosie. Or, in other words, “NaNa  NaNa  Na!”

Is this an appropriate manner for two leading public figures to conduct themselves? I think not.  Rosie might have some merit in some of her comments. But, I think she took them too far and became overly involved personally. Understandably, Donald wanted to defend himself, but again he too went overboard.

A good leader admonishes another with respect and grace. Barbara Walters, who confesses to being an old friend to Trump and employer of O’Donnell is perhaps the only one exercising true leadership in this whole disturbance. In an official announcement Walters displayed diplomacy in asking for “calm and peace”. Perhaps she can instruct them to attend charm school, and then to work together on a community leadership project. Now, that would make for some good viewing!


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