Bells Will Be Ringing

71740947_1a68e3d637_m1.jpgBlogging bells, that is, as I  get a little braver each post in applying some of the tricks of the electronic conversation trade. There are more than 50 million Blogs on the Web now. Not sure if that counts just the active ones or  everyone that’s out there  – many languishing somewhere in cyberspace. It’s easier than ever to start a Blog, but to grow one, see it join the mainstream and to prosper in the world of instant info – that’s where the real work comes in. Same can be said of any new project or relationship. It takes some leadership to get the bells ringing.

I am a good writer, fairly comfortable with various computer programs and know my way around the Internet. I’ve taught a couple of on-line classes, mastered email and even done some graphic design. But, in the world of social networking and blogging, I admit to being a bit of a neophyte. So over the past couple of weeks I have been traveling around the blogosphere, picking up some new jargon, seeking appropriate leadership and gathering my courage to join in the fun! 

Luckily, there are a lot of experienced and successful bloggers out there. Finding electronic buddies and professional bloggers willing to share their knowledge is easier than you might think. But, there are three in particular that have struck my fancy. When I first visited Liz Strauss’ Successful Blog, I admit I felt a little overwhelmed. But each time I went back, I found something else that intrigued me, and something else that made more sense to me. I think anyone, new or not, will find most of the extensive listings she so generously shares on her New Blogger Page very helpful! Darren Rowse of Problogger has 20 blogs and makes a six-figure income from the whole shebang (who knew it could be so profitable?!?!?). His Blogging for Beginners is another valuable source that leads the way for novice bloggers like me.  Jason Alba, who runs an innovative career site at JibberJobber (love that name!) doesn’t have as much experience as the others (at least in blogging) but his blog just rang a bell with me the moment I found it. Jason’s posts, like this one, Substantiate Yourself almost always spark something for me.

I just realized, I kind of did a mini Blog Tipping thing here, if I understand that term correctly. Anyway, I’m excited to be a part of ringing the blogging bells – even though at this stage mine are probably more like jingle bells than those colorful chimers posted!


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  1. Liz Strauss on

    You’re right! You’ve got this blogging thing figured out and you write well. I love Darren and Jason too!

    Thank you for noticing my blog. It overwhelms me a bit as well. 🙂 I hope you’ll come by and talk a bit with the folks who hang out there. We’re not really scary and we so enjoy each other. I can tell you’d get a kick out of the experience and that we’d love having you with us. 🙂


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