Paris and Nicole Go to Leadership Camp

So far, I’ve established my credibility and shared some general leadership thought and information. Now, I’m going to veer from an academic and business tone, and jump into some pop culture.

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie have been out there, leading the way of all the twenty-something wannabe party-going, fashionista, brazen and bold young women. But, where oh where are they going? Can’t say that I’ve followed their careers closely, but one can’t help but know what’s been going on with them lately. One or the other of them is usually in the news, and it’s often not positive press.

Paris was in some sort of alleged physical altercation with another beauty queen type, as well as being arrested for drunken driving in September. Yesterday, Nicole matched her buddy with her own DUI  after someone reported that she was driving the wrong way on the freeway – yih! Now, I mean no disrespect to either Paris or Nicole. I even confess to having watched a few episodes of their reality show, “The Simple Life”. But, by virtue of their backgrounds and personal choices, they have become public personas. That’s the problem. Once any of us are out in front of an audience, however small or large; be it work-related, family-oriented or the social arena – we’d better pay attention to where we’re going, and how we conduct ourselves along the way. Yes, most of us (myself included) will make some mistakes as we proceed.

Thankfully, leadership is not a closed system. It is open to all who are willing to participate. Redemption plays a  vital role in how we strengthen and grow our leadership skills. So, how about, if instead of doing another goofy “Simple Life” show, Paris and Nicole team together to do a series called “Leadership Camp”? They could show how they learn to apply that winning creativity, charm and humor to making the right decisions and becoming leaders in the best sense. Instead of making off with the Sheriff’s car like they did in their old show, they could participate in volunteering to deliver meals to shut-ins. I’m not a Hollywood script writer, but I bet they could come up with ways for Paris and Nicole to be just as clever and funny in a format where they strive to adopt some new behaviors, and become positive role models – maybe even leaders.


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