Ahh, yes  Spas have become all the rage. They offer all types of massage and new-age rituals to restore ones health and vitality. At least that’s how I understand it. I’ve never actually been to a Spa, although I would like to visit one  some day. I’m sure my body would appreciate it!

I have been to  SPA, however –  a place that is mind-soothing and energizing at the same time. Anyone who engages in researching and analyzing leadership theory and organizational behavior, or just pauses to reflect on their own course through life has been there. Yes, it was SPA who laid down the groundwork of  renewable resources for the ongoing development of thought and theory.

Don’t worry, I won’t attempt to give a lecture on the philosophies that society inherited from these three original thoughtmasters Socrates, Plato and Aristotle.  But, here’s a brief review or lesson if you skipped out on Philosophy 101. Socrates gave us the Socratic Method which is the basis of  legal argument. He also questioned authority and stressed the importance of ethics. Plato, Socrates’ student was a bit of a socialist and into metaphysics. He wrote The Republic. I can’t profess to having read this whole lengthy tome, but I found this handy modern means that might help me eventually accomplish that. (if only I had an iPod!) Plato also founded The Academy, which is considered the first formal University.  Aristotle, last in the line of this Greek trilogy and Plato’s student is known as the father of logic and reason. He established the empirical system as a means of rational inquiry to form a logical conclusion. (This is one of the best leadership decision-making tools!)

You don’t have to go back to ancient Greek times to indulge in your own SPA. Most of us practice these philosophies and thought structures in our daily lives in one way or another. To me, this is a great example of LivingLeadership – the application and evolution of knowledge. Next post, I’ll share some of my modern-day SPA inspirations.



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  2. Scott on

    Hey Mum, I guess that’s OK about *The Republic* — I read it three times in college. I’ll never forget it. 🙂 Nice to see classics represented here. — Scott

  3. Scott on

    Thanks for the iTunes link for The Republic. I just checked that out! I am downloading the podcast episodes for free right now.

    It’s funny, I was thinking of Book X of *The Republic* just the other day after someone I knew was talking about life after death and souls and “energy bodies,” etc. I thought of how universal and old (and thus, primitive) such ideas are in the history of our and other cultures. The latter part of Book X is an interesting read even apart from the rest of the whole book. It’s the report of a soldier’s near-death experience, including a complex heavenly afterlife, a hell and a reincarnation process.


  4. francies on

    Hey, you’re welcome. Merry Christmas! You just never know where you’ll find a gift.

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