He’s a Leader, She’s a Leader

Everyone has the potential to be a leader. Leadership is not something innate. It can be learned and applied in varying degrees at various levels of performance.

Although, some would suggest that environmental factors, like birth order tend to affect our leadership development.  If you’re the oldest child chances are you’re put into leadership situations – like it or not, and eventually learn to take on the role of a leader. Also, gender plays a significant part in leadership. Men are still more apt than women to either be cast in or assume the role of a leader. Despite the impact of equal rights and other movements, historically speaking men have the leadership advantage.

Well, as the youngest female child of four siblings, I can personally attest that these developmental stereotypes are changing – slowly, but surely. Participation in team sports and organizations like the Girl Scouts of America gave me a basis for understanding leadership. I also benefited from my parents’ strong sense of community responsibility and their example in stepping up to be servant leaders. But, I had to learn to lead. It did not come naturally. Nor did society offer me an easy entry.

It wasn’t until I was thrust into the role of a single mother of two teenage sons that I really learned what it meant to be a leader. Then, I learned through trial and error, shared experiences, career opportunities and finally education how to be a leader. Along the way I made some mistakes, learned some more and I continue to evolve my leadership role –  in my family, professional and community sense.

I’ll share my experiences, insights and reflections with an objectivity gained from my professional development and a subjectivity biased by my personal lessons. You may not find the final word on Leadership here, but I promise you’ll always find an honest and educated perspective mixed with an occasional dose of heartfelt sentiment.


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